Colin Karpfinger

Founder at @Punch Through Design. Created first iOS game controller that was sold in BestBuy. Also co-founded @Yobble. I love the intersection of HW+SW+Web.

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What I Do

I love hardware. As a kid my favorite phrase was "All you have to do is push a button..." which prefaced the explanation of my next invention.

I'm interested in the intersection of hardware, and software. I'm betting the Internet of Things will be enabled by low power sensors and smart phones.


Previously founded iThumbGear, and invented/designed first tactile game controller for iOS that did not require Jailbreaking. The product, 'Thumbies', was sold nationwide at BestBuy.

I keep a blog of projects. Popular posts are:
The Dropout's Guide to Antenna Design -
Guerrilla Market Research -
Various other Punch Through Blog entries:

Lately I'm most proud of the team we've put together at Punch Through. I get to work with awesome people on awesome things. Couldn't be happier with it.

In a past lifetime I built a paintball sentry gun that could autonomously track and shoot at paintball players! and

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