Jobs at CoinList

Financial infrastructure for the next generation of technology companies

CoinList is building the platform for the best digital asset companies to manage their token sales and is the place for investors to discover high-quality projects

What We're Building

CoinList is building the platform where the best digital asset companies run their token sales.

Jobs at CoinList

CoinList Team

Andy Bromberg
CEO @CoinList. Former CEO @Sidewire. Math/CS @Stanford University. Founding member @Stanford Bitcoin Group.
Paul Menchov
CTO @CoinList / Co-Founder @Republic. Built things @AngelList, @Zynga. Studied CS @Cornell University.
Graham Jenkin
Co-founder & COO at @CoinList
Joshua Slayton
Founder @CoinList & founding CTO @AngelList
Brian Tubergen
Founder @CoinList. Built @AngelList's online fundraising product. CS @Princeton University. Interned @Facebook, @Microsoft, Google Summer of Code.
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