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What We're Building

We are constructing an analytics platform for virtual reality devices. The platform collects visual and event based telemetry, and makes it available for analysis.

Our Key Features Include:

- Visual Tracking – track what your users are looking at in your VR experience on a granular level
- Aggregate Telemetry – aggregate the telemetry data, build heatmaps, and see exactly is or isn’t working in your product
- Hardware Agnostic – collect the same data from any available HMD, on any device, on any engine
- A/B Testing – test and optimize any variables within your VR experience
- Cohort Analysis – split your users between a multitude of different variables and attributes
- Actionable Variables – automatically adjust your VR product based on outputs from your analysis.
- Comfort and Sickness Detection – automatically measure and test if your product is making people sick or not. This aggregates things like FPS, motion, and performance data to give a comprehensive sickness score.

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Tony Bevilacqua
Founder @cognitiveVR. Building innovative analytics solutions for virtual and augmented reality.
Nathan Kift
Full stack developer with Management of Information Systems and Marketing background. AngularJS, nodeJS, Ruby, and more.
Robert Merki
Director of Product @cognitiveVR. We're building the future of analytics in virtual reality.
Carson Farrell
Full stack developer with a focus on security and scalable services. Worked in web, games, railway safety.
Calder Archinuk
Software Engineer at cognitiveVR Gameplay Programmer at Whitebox Games Junior Instructor at Vancouver Film School

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Our Investors

Rene Reinsberg
EIR at @General Catalyst Partners. Previously VP Emerging Products at @GoDaddy, founder & CEO of @Locu (acquired by @GoDaddy). @MIT alum.
Ethan Beard
Facebook Platform developer relations. Google biz dev. Advisor/Angel to great entrepreneurs.

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