Jobs at CognitionX

Market Intelligence bringing clarity to the complex and fast-paced world of All Things AI.

This is the ultimate opportunity for curious, data obsessed people with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to get into the world of UK startups, Data Science, and Online Tech.

Working alongside founders Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub, you will gain first hand experience of what it takes to set up a successful business whilst being supported by an incredible team, cutting-edge technology and so much more. Your role will involve a diverse set of tasks, with every new day bringing fresh and exciting challenges. You’ll become an integral part of team from the outset, awarded equity, and the chance to grow, with your responsibilities expanding each day, just like the company itself.

What We're Building

CognitionX is a Market Intelligence Platform and Community for all things Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We provide clarity to the world of AI by enabling users to find the right resources to solve their challenges in one place. Our community brings together leading data experts, software developers, hardware providers, researchers and businesses looking to apply data-driven techniques to their organisation.

We bring together 1000s of the world innovators in AI, machine learning and data science, data sources, software vendors and businesses looking to apply data-driven and AI techniques to their organisation through both events and our online platform.

We've hosted our community of over 7000 professionals at 46 events since June 2016 including meet-ups, technical panels, private dinners, conferences and thought leader talks.

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Jobs at CognitionX

CognitionX Team

Tabitha Goldstaub
Product Person - Data, B2B, marketplaces, media, startups, tech - CoFounder ProjectPlaced and CognitionX. Previously Co Founder Rightster
Charlie Muirhead
Founder & CEO CognitionX: Community for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science. Founded Orchestream, Nexagent & Rightster. Imperial College UK
Matthew Miller
AI research analyst, marketing enthusiast, linguist, and techology maven.
Daniel Hodkinson
Lead Front End and Product Developer combined with UX, Marketing and Project Management skills.
Kathie Osborne
Tech based Routes-to-Market -- Partnering, Strategic Alliances, Channels -- Strategy & Programmes -- Digital, Marketing & Comms, Customer/Partner relationships
Luke Campion
Business development, sales, project management, product development, events management & community development.
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CognitionX Investors

Siavash Mahdavi
Tech entrepreneur with a background in 3D printing and AI. Exited my first company in 2014. PhD in Robotics from UCL.

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