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I focus on emerging trends and target early stage companies that will benefit from the tailwinds of massive public adoption. With an emphasis on a strong team and leadership, the actual product/service of the company must be a profitable venture within the early stages of the trend they are targeting OR have an enormous potential multiple on exit.

Current trends of interest are mental health (psychedelics, pertinent biotech) and wellness (zero proof drinks, food tech, and longevity).

Personally, I have invested in over 30 startups, I've built several small successful companies, and currently help run several companies in the online direct-to-consmer (one of which is an 8-figure fast growing industry leader).

Professionally, I co-founded my own private equity firm where we focus on complete acquisitions of companies in unique situations, or develop in-house ventures that we own and fund 100%. (We've most recently built and launched a cannabis accessories company with over a quarter million dollars in sales in the first month.)


I source deal flow from around the world. But, frankly, it's all about who you know and what companies actually want me, as an investor, to join their cap table. Once you understand how the investing game works (as in, you've done a lot of deals and lost a lot of money) you figure out that the best deals only go to the people who add value beyond money. It really is who you know.

Cody Shirk
Explorer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer - - Sourced, Raised, Structured, Invested in dozens of companies. Now focused on psychedelics.
Steven Feaster
Voytek Wieckowski
Corp finance background, worked as a consultant in Boston and at a hedge fund in NYC. Currently focused on travel and investing. Colby College, Wharton MBA, CFA
Jason E. Feldman
I'm an immigration attorney and founder of
Diego Regules
Sales Engineering @appdynamics Ex @techstars @ernst-young @Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Founded @gapelia-folio-is
Kunal Jain
Software Engineer
CS from IIIT-Hyderabad, Engineering Lead @ Facebook
Michael Paris
Can help with
“Deep domain expertise in allied health, medical and health fitness. Based in Australia”
Dillon Newman
Co-Founder Thunderclap
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Product Manager
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