What We're Building

CodersClan is all about making software development an easy and accessible process at scale.

CodersClan provides clients with an easy and streamlined process for their software development needs minimizing outsourcing overhead to a minimum.

Our goal is to make code outsourcing as seamless as possible for both customers and coders and effectively turn it from an occasional chore to a delightful daily experience.

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Jobs at CodersClan

CodersClan Team

Dror Cohen
CEO & Co-Founder @CodersClan • Worked at @Ness Technologies, @IDF
Uri Ezra
CTO & Co-Founder @CodersClan
Elad Hefetz
Innovator, problem solver, and an experienced developer. Excellent at web applications, telecommunications, linux and cloud architectures.
Diego Palacios
I'm a Front-end Developer / Web Designer with around 6 years of experience. I love to learn new things and improve my current skills continuously.

CodersClan Investors

Shuly Galili
Investor and Founding Partner @UpWest Labs . Chief builder at Silicon Valley/Tel-Aviv Tech Junction.
Liron Shapira
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