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Full-Stack code playgrounds. Your code, to go.

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What We're Building

We strive to help companies show their customers how their products work, allowing them to play and learn how everything is mapped out directly through their websites.

Using cutting-edge technologies like Docker, NodeJS, Ruby and Go we make possible the impossible: Embedding server containers in a web page, without plugins.

"Your code to go" is not just our promise, but our reality.

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CodePicnic Team

A. Pereyra Rabanal
CEO of CodePicnic. Over 14 years of experience in software projects and 5 in teaching and training in technology.
Gustavo Leon
Created gmaps.js, the most popular JS library for Google Maps and wrote a book about JavaScript. Also, man out of time.
Hector Paz
Systems Administrator with more than 15 years of experience working with Linux/Windows Servers and open source based solutions
Pablo Noel
Senior Product Designer

CodePicnic Investors

Patrick McKenzie
Working at Stripe on Atlas. Sold two small SaaS companies. Previously CEO at Starfighter. #2 user on HN.