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Unleashing people to do their best work

People do their best work on thriving teams -- teams that are diverse, where differences are appreciated, each person’s value is known, and communication is strong. We started Cloverleaf to empower every person on every team to thrive. Read More
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What We're Building

People are dissatisfied with work. 65% of employees are dis-engaged and it has massive implications on productivity, turnover and customer satisfaction.

We are building a platform that companies can use to identify the source of that disengagement and root it out. Specifically, we focus on the interpersonal issues that cause this disengagement;
- Lack of strong personal relationships.
- They don’t have roles that play to their strengths.
- Their managers don’t understand them.

We do this by providing team solutions used by anyone inside the organization.

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Darrin Murriner
Entrepreneur, author - I love Cincinnati
Levi Bethune
Co-founder: Creative Director at @Jiobit - I'm a startup MacGyver.
Kirsten Moorefield
Co-Founder & COO,

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