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Cloud Streaming Licensed Business Music

We are poised for significant growth and want to 10x the number of clients for each of the next two years. We have the first HTML5 streaming player for business. Our lean team of committed individuals is changing the industry of business music service. Help to build an amazing company that has a lasting affect upon the cloud-based software and music licensing industries. Located in Silicon Beach, we can offer the location, team and immense opportunity.

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What We're Building

We are the leading streaming music company for business. 100% cloud- based multi-platform product that includes Enterprise level controls. Streaming options include browser based software, Apps and hardware. Users aren't limited to using a single device and can stream effectively anywhere. Cutting edge quality audio ingestion, normalization and serving with tags and algorithms enable users to created music combinations and weighting that can serve by time-of-day deployment. We offer an additional audio advertising mechanism in our software for their own ads to be inserted in-between songs. We have the best music selection, audio experience and pricing structure in the market.

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Ryan Kim
Full-stack developer: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Node, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Responsive Design
Cloud Cover Music
SVP Product & Marketing @Cloud Cover Music • Enterprise streaming software, digital advertising. @University of Washington
Matthew Miller
Front and back end web developer committed to solving problems with quality code.

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