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Tablet-First Mobile Games Developer & Publisher

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What We're Building

Cloudcade is a free-to-play mobile games developer with a tablet-first approach to deployment. Our focus is creating fun, original and deeply engaging MMO games native to the tablet with useability and superior gameplay for our players in mind.

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Di Huang
CEO & Founder of @Cloudcade. Serial entrepreneur with a strong background in product, sales, marketing, management and biz dev. Former Wall Street I-Banker.
Johan Eile
Over the last 16 years I have built a strong background as both entrepreneur and intrapreneur and helped organizations build + execute blue prints for growth.
Marie-Pier Fillion
Art Director at Cloudcade. Character design, ui, storyboard, illustration, etc! In mobile game industry since almost 10 years now.
Eric Thiffeault
Software Technical Director @Cloudcade , former Game Engine Technical Lead. Worked 14y @ Ubisoft Montreal, father of 4 wonderful girls.

Our Investors

Wei Guo
very very active investor.