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White Label Client Portal, File Sharing And Teamwork Platform

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What We're Building

Clinked offers secure communication, collaboration & information sharing portal. Customizable workspaces. Unlimited projects & groups.

Use a client portal to:
1. Simplify your communication
2. Work closer with your clients
3. Provide more value to your customers and make your company grow.
4. Keep all information (conversations, activities, documents, tasks, events) centralized, secure and always in the right hands.

Clinked creates a personalized experience, offers a branded environment for your customers to connect with. You can enhance your professional image with higher customer retention.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Tayfun Bilsel
CEO at, innovator by nature, engineer by profession, marketing at heart! Loves science, psychology, skiing, striker @MottMacFC and a film fanatic.
Richard Petersen-Hall
Inbound Marketing Manager, Passionate about lead generation, traffic and conversion. Currently playing around with #JAMstack.