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Climate Capital invests alongside Tier 1 Seed investors into companies directly or indirectly chipping away at greenhouse gas emissions, or helping with adaptation.

About the GP:
- Investor: 70+ incl Good Eggs, Burrow, Starcity, Tovala, Notable Labs, Lively & Oh My Green
- Co-founder: RichRelevance (~$96m raised), Sparked (acq), blissmo (acq)
- Climate: co-founder @ Silicon Climate, author @ HALINE, producer @ Last Glimpse
- Advisor: 15+ incl IndieGoGo, Hooked,, Counsyl, Mosaic & AngelList
- 3 years @ AWS supporting startups @ top accelerators (eg YC) and then focused on AI/ML
- Product @ MySpace & eBay; helped launch; banking @ JPMorgan; Stanford BS CS
- More on LinkedIn.


Only opportunities that fit the the investment thesis outlined above will be Syndicated here.

Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 90+ Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs @Sandbox VR @Starcity @Notable Labs @Lively; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Brad Holden
Angel/Seed BD for AWS & Venture Partner @TomorrowVentures
Stefano Bernardi
ED @Aragon Angel @Atomico Previously Co-Founded @Mission and Market and @Kickpay (YC W15). Spent time at @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Eng
Damien C. Tanner
Investor @innovationnest backing early stage SaaS in UK & Europe. Previously co-founder @Thoughtbot, @MediaCore (acquired by Workday) (acquired by Workday) & @Pusher.
Eric Cantor
Business Builder. Founded 5 & exited 2. Fintech expert. Focused on product & people. Investor. Venture mentor. Teacher. Leader. Dad. Triathlete.
Can help with
“Been in the trenches of the build => hire => stress => build => buy, roller coaster several times over, personally and with investments. Can do...more
Randall Howard
Founding General Partner at VERDEXUS, a super angel boutique that invests in, and actively grows, a growing portfolio of leading tech companies.
Bruno D.V. Marino
CEO, Founder, @Planetary Emissions Management, @planetalphaforest, @Harvard (NASA Goddard Fellowship), @Johns Hopkins University, @Phillips Academy Andover
Scott J. Kleper
Founder @Context Optional (acquired by Adobe), early employee at several startups, @Stanford University BSCS/MSCS. Mayfield Fellow. Author. Guest Lecturer.
Sebastien d'Ursel
Product Manager
Sundeep is a fantastic partner for founders in the early days of a start up. First, unlike a lot of "advisors", he's truly willing to get his hands dirty and work. He is one of the top people responsible for building Kiva's brand in the early days by testing & figuring out...more
Premal Shah
For Sundeep Ahuja's work with Kiva Microfunds
From the get go, Sundeep was responsive, considerate and insightful. He has also been generous with introductions even though the economics prevented us from doing a deal in in the last round.
Sundeep is a hands on advisor who asks the right questions and is committed to our success. He has been very helpful to us already and to other great companies like and IndieGogo.
Dhaval Chadha
For Sundeep Ahuja's work with Vivo
Sundeep Has a deep passion for tech, innovation and impact, core elements that make up the RAD DNA. His advice, even before formally joining us in a more official capacity, has been stellar and far-seeing. We're lucky to have help us steer this ship.
Gilad Goren
For Sundeep Ahuja's work with Raleigh & Drake
smart, connected, helpful.
Alex McIntosh
For Sundeep Ahuja's work with Thrive Natural Care
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