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Online Learning Platform Used in Over 70,000 Schools

Founded in 2012 by educators and technologists who knew that widely available educational apps could improve both teaching and learning, but that tools to deploy and secure the applications were simply unavailable, Clever is the platform that powers technology in the classroom. Today, almost half of the K-12 schools in the U.S. trust Clever to secure their student data as they adopt learning apps in the classroom Read More

What We're Building

Online learning software in K-12 education is one of the fastest growing markets on the planet, and Clever is quickly becoming the infrastructure these apps depend on. Today, many of the biggest and most innovative applications in education are already powered by Clever.  We're now moving data for 16 million students in 1 in 4 schools in America - and our platform is just getting started.

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Tyler Bosmeny
Founder @Clever • Forbes 30 Under 30 • Previously employee #1 @paperg • BA in Applied Math @Harvard University & MA in Statistics @Harvard University
Rafael Garcia
CTO and Co-Founder at @Clever • Former Algorithmic Trader at Jump Trading • BA in Applied Math from @Harvard University
Dan Carroll
Co-Founder/Product at @Clever • Former science teacher/school tech director • BA Biology from @Harvard University
Nick Grandy
Tech with a positive impact; co-founder @Outschool; team @Airbnb, @Clever; likes education, civic tech, skepticism.
Frankie Warren
Founder Revelry • Studied at @University of Pennsylvania, @Boston College
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems Clever is facing now?
We’ve been facing all types of engineering challenges, so I’ll just touch on a couple. First: it’s tough building products that will be used in schools! Teachers have a unique set of concerns when it comes to using software: any wasted time is compounded by the fact that they often have limited time in a computer lab and are dealing with 30+ students. It’s also difficult to design for small children, who may have trouble remembering passwords and typing quickly. Finally, there’s a unique set of security and privacy challenges involved in handling student data, so those issues are constantly top of mind whenever we’re building something new.
Dan McCarthy
Employee at Clever
What makes Clever a unique place to work at?
First: the opportunity. We’re working on what could be the foundational platform for educational software, and we’re doing it with a team of ~80 people. Over a third of all schools in America are already using our software - it’s a huge responsibility. Second: the culture. We’re always challenging one another to pick up new skills, and we’ve reached a size where it’s easy to find 5 people who are into whatever you’re into, from bughouse chess to astronomy to aerial dance. Third: the people. This is the smartest, hardest-working group I’ve ever been around, and they’re using their considerable abilities to work on something that’s actually important.
Dan McCarthy
Employee at Clever
What is your office environment like?
In short: pretty sweet. We have a beautiful, light-filled three-story building with a roof deck at 9th and Mission (Civic Center). It’s easily accessible to BART, and we offer free catered lunch 5x/week and dinner 2x/week.
Dan McCarthy
Employee at Clever

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