Jobs at Cleo

An A.I. assistant for your money.

We leverage the power of data to provide the missing link between your bank statement and your financial decisions. We are a team of big thinkers and active doers with strong software engineering and data science backgrounds. We're aiming to change the way people interact with their money.

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What We're Building

Cleo is an intelligent assistant for your money. From tracking your spending in an instant, to effortlessly setting monthly budgets, Cleo is helping tens of thousands of people across the UK take control of their finances.

By combining state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with elegant and user-friendly chat interface, Cleo provides you a deep and thorough understanding of your personal finances. Ask Cleo a question via SMS or Facebook Messenger and get an instant answer, directly to your mobile phone.

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Jobs at Cleo

Cleo Team

Barnaby Hussey-Yeo
Founder @Cleo • Worked at @Wonga • Studied at @University of Bristol
Aleksandra Woźniak
Co-founder and CTO of Cleo AI. Full-stack and back-end dev in a previous life.
Julian Keenaghan
Co-Founder @Tastebuds. Developer @Cleo. MSc Artificial Intelligence @University of Edinburgh. Musician.
Ally Fekaiki
Head of Growth @ Cleo A.I.

Cleo Investors

Errol Damelin
I'm a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor. I live in London but invest globally. I enjoy thinking like an investor and executing like a Founder.
Joe White MBE
GP Entrepreneur First, former co-founder Entrepreneur, angel investor, economist, father of 2, husband of 1
Dan Bailey
VC at MMC Ventures. Oxford grad. Investing in SaaS, ML, FinTech and Marketplaces. Interests: Sports, Tech, Travel