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Cleartrip Team

I'm (NodeJS, JavaScript, Python, Django, css, HTML5, CouchDB) evangelist. Believe in scrum and Agile methodologies, passionate pro- grammer, love design patterns, frequent hiker.
Sameer Bagul
Over 11 years of experience in working with Start ups, managing operations, building strategy, fund raising and investing. (IIM Calcutta, MBA 2000)
Saurabh Nanda
Founder at Vacation Labs; Early member of Team @Cleartrip -- managed technology, product strategy & digital marketing; studied at IIT Kanpur
Anshum Gupta
Search engine architect, LucidWorks, Intelligent systems, recommendation engines. Open source and more.

Cleartrip Investors

Sandeep Murthy
Partner at Lightbox, an India focused, early stage technology fund. Investments include ClearTrip, Infoedge, Inmobi, Greendust, Faasos, Furlenco, Droom.