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Simplifying Financial Lives for Indians

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What We're Building

ClearTax is simplifying financial lives for Indian consumers & businesses.

Fundamental financial software for Indians is missing, and ClearTax is building this out.

Our products are #1 in India and used by millions of consumers, businesses & accountants

Join the team and build data-driven financial products for Millions of Indian consumers, and build software that connects every Indian business.

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Jobs at ClearTax

ClearTax Team

Archit Gupta
Founder, CEO of ClearTax (TurboTax for India). BTech IIT, MS UW Madison.
Raj Anand
Polyglot dev, JS Fanboy, Hacktivist, Activist and Free Software Evangelist
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ClearTax Investors

Lance White
Angel Investor in a bunch of awesome companies... I spend my time between Naples, Columbus, San Francisco and New York, but most of my time in Naples.
Paul Buchheit
Partner at YCombinator, Founder of @FriendFeed, Creator of GMail
Andrew Jiang
Alum of @Y Combinator, @Sprig, @BCG, and NYU
Max Levchin
Co-founder/CTO @PayPal; Founder/CEO @Slide; Founder/CEO HVF; angel, tinkerer, cyclist, spy.
Jude Gomila
CEO and Founder @ Golden. Prev @Heyzap/Aq $45m $->100+ co: Gusto, ClearTax, Boom, Bugsnag, Benchling, Ginkgo, Airtable, Carta, Human Interest, Atrium, Ironclad
Neeraj Arora
VP at @WhatsApp, previously M&A at @Google
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