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Software Design and Product design role. We are engineering and designing mobile first experiences. For most Indians, the smartphone is going to be their primary or only computing device. Moore's law makes smartphones more powerful at affordable price points. Whatsapp has become the lifeblood of interaction for individuals and businesses today in new ways. We are at the start of the adoption of more tech by Individuals and Businesses.

Come join the ClearTax team as a designer. You'll have a lot of responsibility and flexibility. You will get to work on the UI, UX, product design, and the front-end code. Designers come from all sorts of backgrounds. You could be 17 or have multiple years in the industry.

We are looking for flair, ambition, new ideas and a strong desire to create.

Competitive compensation: The pay will be nice. Plus the best payout (monetary and otherwise) will be in building a super succesful company.

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Archit Gupta
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