Lead Designer at Clearbit

San Francisco, Remote · Full Time

Job Description

Leading up design at Clearbit, including designing all of our new products, marketing pages, and having an impact of future product direction.

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What We're Building

We are building a suite of business intelligence APIs to help companies find more information on their customers in order to increase sales and reduce fraud. Our goal is to be the data backbone for modern businesses, powering everything from credit checks to lead scoring.

We currently provide three APIs:

- Person API: Takes an email address and returns information about a person such as name, avatar, title, and social accounts.
- Company API: Takes a domain name and returns data about a company, such as name, logo, market category, and headcount.
- Watchlist API: Lets you search names against a consolidate global watchlist, simplifying OFAC compliance.

Our customers mainly use our APIs for lead-scoring, processing all their incoming leads through both the Person and Company APIs to determine which ones are valuable. This saves sales teams a great deal of time compared to manual lead research and qualification. 

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Alex MacCaw
Founder @Clearbit • Worked at @Stripe, @Twitter, O'Reilly author.
Harlow Ward
Developer and Co-Founder @Clearbit I like green specs, fast APIs, and streaming event data.
Rob Holland
Co-founder and hacker at @Clearbit.
Matt Sornson
Growth @Clearbit founder @WorkMob (TS 2014) founder @GoFlow