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Frontend Developer at Clause

New York City · Full Time

Clause is a rapidly growing tech startup headquartered in New York City creating a revolutionary new platform that enables commercial contracts to “come alive” and autonomously manage themselves. Our team consists of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and widely recognized leaders at the intersection of law, business, and technology. We are trying to solve the problems of transforming legal contracts into real-time, dynamic and data-driven agreements while addressing the challenges of security, distributed systems, and complex event processing. We were recently selected for an exclusive round of preseed financing from the prestigious and well-connected investors at Seedcamp and also just close a significant seed round of financing. We also currently have in progress several partnerships with industry and technology leaders.

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Job Description

-Very strong React
-Self-driven and can work without supervision
- Rapid prototyping
-Willing to do everything they can do make the company succeed
-Good interpersonal skills

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What We're Building

- Enable data-driven clauses to be added to legal contracts.

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Clause Team

Houman B. Shadab
Co-founder @Clause and professor at New York Law School focusing on the intersection of law, business, and technology.