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Clarity Movement Co.

Jobs at Clarity Movement Co.

Leading the Clean Air Movement

Clarity’s mission is to help solve the world’s air pollution problems by providing better, more reliable data. Having already developed the world’s smallest low-cost particulate matter sensor, Clarity is now launching dense air quality monitoring networks around the world to improve the way we understand the environment around us. These networks will expand our existing database of real-time air quality data from around the world. Read More
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What We're Building

Clarity’s Smart City Air Monitoring Solution equips decision-makers and other civic stakeholders with truly actionable air quality data that help identify pollution hotspots and sources, target interventions, and quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of clean air policies. Clarity’s solution complements existing air quality reference monitors by deploying tens to thousands of additional monitoring points to economically produce accurate, real-time air quality data.

Jobs at Clarity Movement Co.

Clarity Movement Co. Team

Paolo Micalizzi
Master student in Micro and Nanosystems @ ETH Zurich
Darshan Santani
Computer Scientist, PhD @EPFL, @ETH Zurich Alumnus, Research Internships at @Microsoft Research, @IBM Research, @MIT
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Clarity Movement Co. Investors

Adam Gold
Adam is the founder of a global technology investment firm focused on revolutionizing the way people live. His philanthropic endeavor partners with non-profits.

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