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Audio and video search

The world has moved beyond text. That simple understanding is at the heart of what we’re doing at Clarify.
Now video and audio technologies enable the capture and storage of information in quantities that are mind-boggling.
That information can be used to provide new and better services and products.
But there’s a problem. There’s a chasm that needs to be crossed. On one side is the fact of the abundant generation of all this information…and on the other side is the potential of the world-changing ways that developers can use it.
To cross the chasm, we must extract data that is trapped in audio and video files.
We’re building the bridge. We’re Clarify!

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What We're Building

The Clarify API allows developers to add audio and video search to their applications with just a few lines of code.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Clarify Team

Paul Murphy
Co-founder Clarify. 3rd startup. Engineer. Have worked in NY, London, Buenos Aires.
Ivo Rothschild
Extensive experience in server and client-side development. Third startup. Studied Computer Science at @McGill University.
D. Keith Casey Jr.
User-focused technologist and developer, Professional agitator, Former @Twilio Evangelist, BSEE from #1 Engineering School: @Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Clarify Investors

Sam Decker
Founder/CEO @Mass Relevance, Founding CMO @Bazaarvoice, Co-founder @capital-factory, 7-year Dell Exec, 5 startups B2B & B2C (product, marketing, biz dev), author.
Michael Rauchman
Currently focusing on consulting and investments. Formerly, CTO of GETCO.
Brett Hurt
Hurt Family Investments (full startup portfolio -; Chairman, Edgecase (formerly Compare Metrics); Founder, Bazaarvoice & Coremetrics
Nathan Benaich
Investor + technologist. All things #AI + emerging tech. Former scientist, photographer, perpetual foodie. AI Newsletter +
Adam Knight
Founder of Social & Sustainable Capital LLP Chairman of Coinfloor Trustee of The Roundhouse Previously Global Head of Commodites at Credit Suisse / Glencore JV
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