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A central contradiction in healthcare is that, as a patient needs more support and has more questions and fears, they often find fewer answers and more roadblocks. At Clara, we believe that it should be a patient’s right to understand and have easy, unencumbered access to all of their treatment options. The newest treatments that can offer hope today to patients are being administered in clinical trials, but they’re gated behind physicians and antiquated websites, barring most people from accessing them. Read More
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Job Description

Clara is a software platform that aims to accelerate scientific and medical advancements, get treatments to market faster, and help people find potentially life-saving clinical trials. We're looking for a talented growth team intern to join our team over the summer and help spearhead the development of digital content.

The growth team intern is ideal for someone who wants to work in and meaningfully contribute to the various marketing initiatives at Clara. You’ll be working closely with the heads of growth and patient advocacy in order to drive marketing plans forward.

- Scope out, write, and publish engaging content
- Run analyses of marketing data to measure success of various initiatives
- Compile background research to support content generation
- Assist the planning and execution of in-person events and talks
- Assist in running and scaling Clara Health and Breakthrough Crew social media accounts
- Conduct stakeholder and event mappings

# Skills
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Experience in data analysis
- Enthusiasm for learning new concepts
- Ability to keep multiple high-paced projects progressing

# Nice to haves
- Prior experience with marketing tools such as AdWords, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and the like
- Prior experience or passion for patient advocacy or health tech

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What We're Building

Clinical trials are the longest and most expensive step in bringing a new treatment to market, and over 80% of trials run are delayed due to difficulty finding participants.

While trials can offer patients breakthrough treatments, most physicians don’t even have time to keep up to date with all the trials being run at their own hospital, let alone everywhere else. This leaves patients to look for themselves if they want to participate, but they often don’t because they are difficult to find and even harder to enroll in.

Clara Health solves these problems by giving patients and caregivers the knowledge and the tools that they need to find and connect to the best treatment options for themselves. The software platform seamlessly guides patients from end-to-end, from first learning about trials all the way through enrollment. We help more individuals access trials and accelerate the pace of medical advancement, bringing the next generation of treatments to the patients who need them.

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Clara Team

Evan Ehrenberg
Co-founder, CEO at Clara Health - working to revolutionize access to clinical trials. Previously one MIT's youngest Ph.D. candidates. Cal undergrad.
Sol Chen
co-founder @ Clara Health
Aaron Jun
Building and scaling the Clara Health growth engine from the ground up.
Lilly Stairs
Autoimmune Warrior | Head of Patient Advocacy, Clara Health | Board member, American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association | Determined to make a difference
Thomas Knight
Making Good Better Something like the grizzled shark hunter from Jaws except instead of sharks I'm good at Process Engineering and Client Success.

Clara Investors

Adrian Aoun
CEO/Founder @Forward, Special Projects @Google / Alphabet , Founder/CEO of @Wavii (acquired by Google). Angel Investor.
Jim Payne
Former founder/CEO of @MoPub, sold to @Twitter in 2013. Product at @Google and @Admob. Degree in CS from @MIT. Currently investor and BOD member.
Kevin Ding
Managing Director @DHVC (Danhua Capital) Investor: @Optimizely @Cohesity @Flexport @Survios Barefoot, AutoX, @Branch, @Wish Prior: Sequoia, Accel
Ramtin Naimi
Founder & General Partner @Abstract Ventures
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