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An Ethereum liquidity company.

In 2014, Vitalik Buterin announced Ethereum to a standing ovation at the Miami Bitcoin conference. Ethereum elevates Bitcoin’s idea of a distributed ledger into something much more profound: a distributed world computer. Read More
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The Ethereum space is buzzing, and at Hex we get to be a part of turning that buzz into a reality. The importance and level of opportunity are palpable inside the company, with balance coming from the positive and playful attitudes the Ethereum community is known for. We’re a small remote team, working constantly to improve our process and our code. The co founders Ben and Brett are great and have already formed a strong company culture. Join us!
Engineers rule. As CTO my goal is to create a developer-focused culture that puts building at the core of everything we do. The technical challenges we face are tough and exciting so we've built a stack that allows for maximum flexibility in facing these problems. But we're not done! Our tech is a work in progress; The Ethereum space is growing rapidly and every day we learn something new. You can have a significant impact on all aspects of the organization from improving processes to tools to operations. Come build with us!
Testing a new microservice @citizenhex
I look forward to every day at Citizen Hex. We’re using our combined knowledge of software, cryptocurrency and finance to build something that’s both unique and critical to the success of Ethereum, and we’re having lots of fun while we do it. Brett and I have worked hard to surround ourselves with intelligent, kind and open-minded people and to make Citizen Hex a great place to work. I hope that you’ll consider joining us!
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Jobs at Citizen Hex

Citizen Hex Team

Benjamin Roberts
Building @Citizen Hex with @Brett Bergmann. Entrepreneur, Designer and Hacker, in that order.
Brett Bergmann
Founder and CTO of @Citizen Hex. Always has a terminal window open. 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413
Will Sheehan
Trader + Coder. Building @Citizen Hex. Physics ~> Ethereum
Rohit Ranjan
MS in CS, Simon Fraser University (Artificial Intelligence). Skills: Machine Learning, Data Structures, Databases, Networking,C++, Matlab, Python, Spring MVC
Julian Gruber
I don't know is the beginning of all knowledge. Tech Lead @NodeSource. Side @dat_project, @LevelDB. Ex @Segment, @Mic, @voltraco.
David Adams
Full-stack JavaScript developer passionate about making dynamic web applications.

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