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Masters at data-driven influencer marketing

Like most pre-Internet business models, the traditional wholesale model is a linear process. Firms buy merchandise, which they push out and sell to customers. Value flows in one direction much like water through a pipe. Net-a-Porter is a pipe. So is Yoox. These type of businesses take on significant inventory risk and have high working capital requirements. Read More

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We drive sales through influencer campaigns:

Our mobile app for influencers
The beauty and power of The Cirqle in your hands. Designed for iPhone, iPad and Android, The Cirqle gives you the tools to track growth across your social channels, join campaigns from renowned brands and receive premium access to location-based activations.

Influencer attribution technology
Our unique attribution tool enables clients to drive conversions on influencer content and build on-going relationships with customers through their iPhone or Android wallet. Through this feature we track customers’ purchase intent and have the ability to keep pushing offers. We enable clients to track influencer campaign performance down to actual sales.

Our training facility
Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to run your business. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, our powerful platform helps your agency grow.

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Jobs at The Cirqle

The Cirqle Team

Steven Lammertink
Founder of The Cirqle • Self taught designer • Visiting scholar at @Adobe Systems • Kauffman Global Scholar • Columnist for Emerce
Thomas Van de Meer
Entrepreneur and Business Development professional with a focus on Euro-Asia expansions
Srinivas Sista
Cofounded and run a furniture ecommerce startup in Indonesia for 3 years now, Worked across departments in Lazada Indonesia. Looking for startups in NL
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