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Masters at data-driven influencer marketing

Like most pre-Internet business models, the traditional wholesale model is a linear process. Firms buy merchandise, which they push out and sell to customers. Value flows in one direction much like water through a pipe. Net-a-Porter is a pipe. So is Yoox. These type of businesses take on significant inventory risk and have high working capital requirements. Read More

What We're Building

Cirqle is the world’s first verified platform connecting fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers with luxury brands worldwide. Our platform includes more than 5,500 influencers, reaching a relevant audience of 155 million+ each month, and delivering over 3 billion impressions across Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Analytics.

Through gaining access to the verified data of our rapidly growing database of fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers, we've succeeded in formulating a science behind the PR-industry, in desperate need for transparency.

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Jobs at The Cirqle

The Cirqle Team

Steven Lammertink
Founder of The Cirqle • Self taught designer • Visiting scholar at @Adobe Systems • Kauffman Global Scholar • Columnist for Emerce
Thomas Van de Meer
Entrepreneur and Business Development professional with a focus on Euro-Asia expansions
Stefano Durighello
Full stack developer. JavaScript - MongoDB, NodeJS, Express, Angular, React. Ruby on Rails. Developing SaaS products for better and simpler business processes.
Remco Moolenaar
PhD artificial intelligence with extensive software development skills
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