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21st Century Recruitment Platform connecting colleges to good-fit high school students.

With the increasing costs of higher education, it’s never been more important for a student to find the right university. And institutes of higher education need to recruit and admit the students with the strengths to ensure the highest chances of success at their school. Read More

What We're Building

Cirkled in is an award-winning, cloud-based, 21st-century recruitment platform matching colleges and universities to high school students based on students’ detailed rich portfolio.

Colleges spend over $10 Billion every year on recruitment of High School students with only 1% return. They struggle to meet their enrollment goals and diversity and equity goals. And we know how excruciating and painful the process is for students.

Cirkled in is a recruitment platform for colleges to get the holistic view of students’ achievement, strengths, and talents, identify the best-fit candidates for their institution and recruit them. Using proprietary data analytics, Cirkled-in will match colleges with the best-fit candidates.

Cirkled in puts every student at the center of the circle, empowers them to showcase themselves in the best possible way and get discovered by colleges.

Just like LinkedIn has revolutionized corporate recruiting, Cirkled in will revolutionize the college recruiting!

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Jobs at Cirkled in

Cirkled in Team

Reetu Gupta
Co-founder, CEO Cirkled in • A senior executive with experience in marketing, product management, Biz dev and software. MBA and MS. And Fire in my belly!
Prashant Shukla
Co-Founder and CTO of Cirkled in. Passionate Software developer.

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