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"The shortest distance between two people is a story"

We’ve raised a significant round from Kindred Capital and a number of key strategic individuals (in both the US and UK). Read More
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What We're Building

Circles was founded in 2016 to make Peer Support accessible for everyone. To make it easy for anyone to address a problem by providing both the “what to do” with the “who to do it with”. A Circle combines a personal development programme with a peer group of people who are at a similar stage in life and who are facing similar challenges. Our app is a space where it feels safe to share because you are with people who feel the same way and where you are motivated to “do” as you have your group there to help you.

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Jobs at Circles

Circles Team

Vikki Read
A full-stack developer who enjoys learning new things and extending their skills. I really enjoy environments where I can learn and share what I've picked up.
Cosima Crawley
Data driven marketer. Previously ran the Growth team at Headspace.

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