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Online voice sharing community built around peers

We’ve raised a significant round from Kindred Capital and a number of key strategic individuals (in both the US and UK). Read More
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What We're Building

Utter was founded in October 2016. Our belief is that the root of so much of the mental health problem is emotional isolation not illness. And that the best prescription for isolation is community.

What makes our model of community different is that it is built around voice sharing not text. It is an anonymous community without names or profiles, but the voices are real and we believe that is the key to build real connection and trust online.

Each “utter” is a voice share up to 2 mins long that expires. Through our app, users are able to listen in to the “utters” of others in their community channel as well as voice and share their own. They will also be able to access voice shares from Utter experts offering insights, tips & guidance to help the community move forward.

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Utter Team

Aidan Crawley
Founder @Utter
Cosima Crawley
Data driven marketer. Previously ran the Growth team at Headspace.
Fabio Catapano
A human-centred product & service designer based in London. Currently working as a Product Design Lead at Find Circles.

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