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We're making developer tools for the next generation of application developers. Make tools that help hundreds of teams move faster, find bugs quicker, and get code to their customers even faster! We've written a PaaS for testing, in Clojure, with a front-end in CoffeeScript. Read More
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Job Description

As a Technical Writer on the Engineering team, you will work closely with our engineers, developer evangelists, product team, and others to deliver the documentation used by tens of thousands of developers to help them succeed at delivering software through CircleCI.

About Technical Writing at CircleCI
You will join our growing Documentation Team. You will work closely and be supported by our engineering team and developer evangelists to understand the capabilities of our continuous integration and deployment platform and communicate those capabilities to our users such that they can get maximum value from our platform. You will update documentation  regularly, write new material as needed, solicit input from across the company, and be a primary point of contact for customer contributions to our open source documentation repository.

About CircleCI
CircleCI is the best platform for software teams looking to rapidly build quality projects, at scale. Our intelligent continuous integration and delivery tools are simple yet powerful. Our aim is to provide the wisdom of a connected development ecosystem to every team member making technology decisions.

We run 7M+ builds a month on our platform for companies like Spotify, Kickstarter, Sony, and Coinbase. Over 25,000 organizations and 300,000 developers actively build, test, and deploy on CircleCI.  We’ve raised $59.5M in venture capital from Industry Ventures, Top Tier Capital, Scale Venture Partners, DFJ, Harrison Metal Capital, and Baseline Ventures.

* Organize, edit, and be a contributing writer on our documentation site.
* Work with our engineering and product teams to understand changes and new features as they are released to identify any changes needed to keep the documentation up-to-date.
* Solicit and coordinate internal and external input sent as comments or as pull requests to our documentation repository.
* Work with our developer evangelism team to ensure a cohesive voice, coding style, and consistency of approach in our outward-facing technical writing.

* Demonstrable body of work communicating complex technical concepts in concise, well-organized writing.
* Broad understanding of software development tools and practices - you don’t necessarily need to be an active engineer, but you’ll need to have a feel for how different teams build software.
* Familiarity with the basics of git and GitHub pull requests.
* A desire to delve into a myriad of different tools, languages, and frameworks.
* At CircleCI, you’ll need to be able to climb the learning curve on the core idioms of most major programming languages and frameworks as well as various methods for deploying code into production environments.
* An understanding of Docker or an eagerness to gain an understanding of Docker is also a big plus.

If you’re interested in joining the team, please send us your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’d be a great fit. If you have an easily accessible presence on the web (Twitter, blog, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.) please share it.

We care deeply about diversity and inclusivity. We’re hiring at all experience levels, and seek talented teammates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences who are equally committed to cultivating a work environment of respect and kindness. We carefully consider every applicant that takes the time to apply.

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What We're Building

Velocity is critical for software teams in today's competitive landscape, but maintaining speed can be difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI’s platform allows developers to rapidly release code (for web and mobile apps) they trust by automating the build, test, and deploy process. CircleCI enables developers to detect and fix bugs before they even reach customers. Thousands of leading companies including Facebook, Kickstarter, Shyp and Spotify rely on CircleCI to accelerate delivery of their code and enable developers to focus on creating business value fast.

CircleCI is a Bay Area Best Places to Work 2016 award winner. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in beautiful downtown San Francisco with a global remote workforce, CircleCI is venture backed by Scale Venture Partners, DFJ, Baseline Ventures and Harrison Metal Capital.

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