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Location-Powered Consumer Intelligence

Cintric has an engineering-centric culture devoted to solving problems at scale. We're building a system to understand something big, who people are and where they go. We do this by building scalable systems that track individuals while simultaneously protecting their privacy. With real-time rich data on the behavior of millions of people, Cintric can be leveraged for everything from competitive intelligence for retail to impact analysis on disasters. Read More
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What We're Building

Cintric unlocks large quantities of streaming location data to reveal personalized consumer insights. Cintric's Everywhere Intelligence helps retailers analyze loyalty as a relative measure by taking into account their shoppers' behavior outside their stores. Cintric helps CPGs personalize their relationship with consumers by allowing them to target and personalize based on real-life behaviors and lifestyle segments like active mom, affluent traveller, and more. Cintric can even help publishers monetize their audience and attract advertisers by allowing them to quantify the effect of advertising on in-store visits.

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Cintric Team

Connor Bowlan
CEO/CoFounder @Cintric. Previously founded home services CRM startup. Degree in Sociology. Focused on Consumer Insights.
Rhett Rainen
Co-Founder and COO @Cintric • Worked at @NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Erwan Lent
Co-Founder and CTO @Cintric.
Joel Green
Co-founder and CPO @ Cintric. Lead iOS developer, python developer, product design, team manager.
Ian Donahue
UX/UI Designer with a love for front-end as well.VP of User Experience at @Cintric (Acquired 2017).
Erick Spaw
Digital & Media w/ YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Marketing Strategist w/ Cintric, Marketing/Communications w/ Cincinnati Reds, Media Relations w/ Louisville Bats

Cintric Investors

Trevor Wright
-Co-Founded Vitrue (Oracle) -Co-Founded Black Bag Advertising (Essence Digital) -Co-Founded DogTime Media (Evolve Media) -Original member Flycast Network (IPO)

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