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Intelligent data platform for real-time exploratory analytics and automation.

Cinchapi is an early-stage technology company building the world's most advanced collaboration between human and machine intelligence. We provide an intelligent data platform for real-time analytics and automation that helps business leaders solve a range of dynamic problems.

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What We're Building

Cinchapi is an intelligent data platform that automatically learns from analysts as they work with data and proactively helps them find new patterns that drive dynamic outcomes. We're fixing the problems of existing data discovery tools that are both rigid and too slow for real-time data, which makes it hard for midsize companies to address dynamic risks and opportunities. Our solution helps analysts adaptively find actionable insights from high velocity data through a simple workflow where they ASK natural language questions to discovery data, SEE results through historical and real- time visualizations and ACT on insights with on-demand automation recipes.

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Cinchapi Team

Jeff Nelson
Founder/CEO @Cinchapi • Co-Founder/CTO @Blavity • Previously @Palantir Technologies & @Ionic Security • Studied @Washington University in Saint Louis
Aditya Srinivasan
Duke Electrical/Computer Eng. and CS; developed an Android app for TATA Consultancy Services; manufacturing 3D-printed glasses for developing countries
Javier Lores
Graduate student at University of Central Florida with a focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing
Bill Sengstacken
Vice President Marketing at Cinchapi
Bill Sengstacken
B2B Technology Marketing Expert. Brand and Marketing Strategies to Launch Startups.
Raghav Babu Subramanian
Software Developer very interested in programming and using technical skills to solve complex issues,bugs.. Always passionate to learn!!
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Cinchapi Investors

Jeff Haynie
angel investor. previous co-founder and CEO of @Appcelerator, serial entrepreneur, open source developer.
Christopher Klaus
Founded Internet Security Systems (IPO,acquired by IBM), Founded Kaneva, & CoFounded CyberLaunch/NeuroLaunch, GaTech Create-X donor.