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Head of Sales (Seattle) at Chummy

Seattle, Tacoma · Full Time

Imagine the world…The world with a friend on every corner…A friend who is always ready to respond in your time of need…well…the name of this world is Chummy. The world where people are ready not just to take, but to give back.

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Job Description

We are looking for a local Sales Hacker in Seattle who has experience in business model molding, pitching it to local businesses, building partnership and developing revenue pipeline from scratch.

Help us make a first steps in revenue from a good cause!


We launched in Seattle on January.
To date, we have over 64k kind users who help each other, communicate and rise their social responsibility rate via Chummy.
There's no bots or fake accounts on Chummy - we're what you see on the in app map.

We would like to keep Chummy "No Fees, No Ads, No Gimmicks".
Even more, we're going to give Chummy users the ability to "mine cryptocurrency by doing good deeds" - cryptocoins will be automatically generated on the users accounts when they help each other or volunteer via Chummy.

Therefore, in coming two months we feel like to approach socially responsible businesses in Seattle-Tacoma with the following offer of partnership for $XX/month (just to check viability of the model):

1. Chummy brings new socially responsible (thus, loyal) customers:

• by way of putting local socially responsible business partnering with us on our map of Sea Town;

• by ability of spending Chummy cryptocoins (users generate them when they help and thank each other via the app) in the local partnering businesses;

• by alarming Chummy users with daily special offer when the users are near the socially responsible local business partnering with us (it automatically sends the push up notification for the users when they enter some radius around the local place).

2. Chummy returns customers and boost the frequency of purchases:

• by way of coin-back (like cashback but in our Chummy cryptocoins ).

We made a special version of the app specially for business partners.
With that app they'll be able to give some amount of TY coins back to Chummy users as "cashback" from their purchases/orders.

Even without it our users are the most loyal audience among the US demographics but with that coinback feature - we expect even more attraction boosted.

3. The flow of the Chummy coins for new partnering business is provided through:

• "freebies" sold for coins via our in-app shop (like Amazon for local socially responsible businesses and good neighbors);

• monthly emission. We'll be granting 1,000 Chummy coins to each partnering business. Technically, that $XX will be converted into the coins;

• from extra emission by the businesses requests (1 Chummy coin = $0,10).

4. Beyond that:

• All sales (except for Head of Sales' commission) are aimed to growth of the Chummy users in the region. I.e. to the business partners themselves. We are not going to make profit from it at the current stage. Our current goal is to test the business model.

• We feel like to pitch Chummy to local social responsible businesses when our offline and online campaigns in Seattle live (so that they see that for $XX they're getting the decent part of the traffic we attract into Chummy).

• We've also thought about classic Groupon and Yelp partnership threats small local businesses usually suffer from. We provide a protection from them .


Ergo, we need an experienced sales person in Seattle-Tacoma who has the relevant experience to mold/polish that proposition and pitch it to local businesses.

Charged and ready? Apply now!

P.S. Please, don't forget to tell us a bit about you in your response - just a couple words you believe we should know. They really matter.

The Chummy Team

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What We're Building

Chummy is an American social network of reciprocal help for kind, friendly and socially responsible people. It engages users to help each other and perform random acts of kindness daily. Like the real world Bat Signal, we unite caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward and making the world a better place. Literally ❤︎

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