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Growth Hacker Intern at Chummy

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Imagine the world…The world with a friend on every corner…A friend who is always ready to respond in your time of need…well…the name of this world is Chummy. The world where people are ready not just to take, but to give back.

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Job Description

At Chummy, we build an ecosystem of kind and socially responsible people who help each other locally. Like the real world Bat Signal, we unite caring individuals (e.g. volunteers, medical professionals and students, etc.) who enjoy helping people and make the world a better place. Literally ❤️

Our target audience consists of US Millennials, who enjoy helping others and paying it forward. They are men and women, who are open minded evangelists that want to make the world a better place through their daily actions and care. They tend to hang around Trader Joe's, Toms Shoes, and Starbucks (or the local brewery). They use Lyft and Bumble. Though smart and savvy, they also tend to be humble. They watch Netflix and rock a good TED presentation and IFLS curiosities 🤓

Our target Growth Hacker Intern likes to be on the front lines of innovation and ‘let’s try that asap’. You are creative, witty, and also committed to the greater good. You are able to think on your feet and want to be part of something huge.

The growth hacker internship lasts three months and includes:
• onboarding and target metrics setting (1 week);
• 'one-man army' curated initiative - when you try to achieve the goals yourself with minimal interference of your mentor (1 month);
• outcome analysis and mentoring - when your mentor teaches and guides your skill development (1 month);
• 'graduation' period - when you try to achieve the goals by your own again using the skills and knowledge you successfully learned from mentoring stage (1 month).

A few things we require:
• Current living/residence in the US (Seattle-Tacoma or LA preferred);
• 20 hours per week availability for 3 months of the internship program;
• Unconventional mindset that fuses creative marketing with thorough analysis;
• Be ready for both online and offline activity and experiments;
• Being kind, friendly and believe in paying it forward are expected :)

Mega-bonus points for:
• Marketing undergraduate or recent grad;
• Silicon Valley or/and Halt and Catch Fire TV series fan;
• Being a Millennial yourself.

Charged and ready? Apply now!

P.S. Please, don't forget to tell us a bit about you in your response - just a couple words you believe we should know. They really matter.

The Chummy Team

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What We're Building

Chummy is an American social network of reciprocal help for kind, friendly and socially responsible people. It engages users to help each other and perform random acts of kindness daily. Like the real world Bat Signal, we unite caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward and making the world a better place. Literally ❤︎

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