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Natural Language Processing to Automate Routine Work

We help document intensive industries automate operational processes that have been manual and error-prone for decades. Using AI and NLP we help our customers read high volumes of documentation really quickly, and then we instantly extract all of the salient data trapped inside those digital documents. Our customers can reduce some of their processes by up to 80% saving them millions of dollars and freeing-up their trained knowledge workers to deliver better customer service and ultimately SELL more! Be a part of changing the business world forever using AI ... come on ... you know you want to.

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What We're Building

We are an Artificial Intelligence startup focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our platform allows companies to enable their employees to "work smart, not hard" through the use of intelligent document processing. Our technology uses NLP to identify, analyze and categorize entities in text. Chisel is used and trusted by some of the biggest insurance companies in the world. After nearly 2 years of development our technology is ready for the market, and we are looking to bring people on board to fill key roles as we scale.

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Chisel Team

Ron Glozman
Founder at Chisel. Full stack developer. studied Computer Science @University of Waterloo and Business Administration @wilfrid Laurier University.
Justin Aniballi
Revenue leader with billion dollar companies and million dollar Valley startups. Whoever said bigger is better, never experienced the rush of growth stage!

Chisel Investors

Neha Khera
Partner at @500 Startups, investing in early stage startups across Canada.
William Tunstall-Pedoe
Founder of Evi (formerly True Knowledge) which was acquired by Amazon in 2012 and where I then built and launched Echo and Alexa.

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