Cheyenne Ehrlich

Founder of @Perceptual Networks. Previously, Founder/CEO @Clickthebutton and others. Twice went from 0 to 30 million+ users. Vassar CS. Programming since age 8.

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What I Do

I like to help develop the product vision, define the execution, raise capital, hire teams and build a corporate culture that allows people to be a part of something. I am only interested in working on things that are here to last and meaningful in people's lives.


I started and grew two online businesses from 0 to 30 million+ users. The first was Clickthebutton, that I started, raised $10 million for and partnered with companies such as Intuit, Yahoo!, AOL and others to grow to an installed base of 30 million users. After that, my CTO and I left and acquired and built a library of shareware titles and used direct marketing and behavioral targeting to grow the business to 30 million+ users. This was financed by us and, as you can imagine, was a cash cow.

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