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Connecting brands to the right content creators

We are crazy enough to believe that we can better the way marketing is done on the biggest social media platforms. We believe the power (including a chunk of monetization) of social media must lie with the people. We believe that brands waste their bucks on marketing spends, with limited RoI. We are building scalable solutions that will create a dent in the digital marketing universe. We are connecting brands to people with social media influence. Read More

What We're Building

With Chtrbox, we offer brands the most relevant network of influencers (as of now in India, and Asia next) — from early adopter millennials in colleges to digital power users & celebs that the world tunes in to.

Our technology solutions make it easy for brands to identify and engage digital influencers best suited for their brand campaigns. Through a personalized dashboard and real-time analytics, brands get intelligence on their campaigns and can regulate spends as per choice.

Brands can advertise their voices through real people that are genuinely passionate about the product/category and are its best advocates. For consumers and influencers, Chtrbox is the way to monetize their social reach and voice across social media platforms.

Chtrbox has recently acquired the influencer marketing business, Youth:ink under Lets Intern, is already a cash-flow positive business working with top brands & influencers.

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Jobs at Chatterbox Technologies

Chatterbox Technologies Team

Pranay Swarup
Co Founder, Chtrbox; Previously, Co Founder @Lets Intern Career Solutions
Rohit Raj
Co-Founded Glitch, one of Indias largest independent agencies. Also co-founded Chtrbox, that uses technology to connect Brands to the right content creators
Nishant Chaudhury
Brand Partnerships & Campaign Manager - @Chatterbox Technologies , Former Market Development Manager - @Airtory
Shubham Bhirud
I like words.
Miloni Shah
Managing social presence and churning out content.
Akhil Mordia
Worked at Chatterbox Technologies, Directi - Media.Net Powering Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network. Experience with Apache Solr, Agile, API
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