Jobs at ChatBook

Tech in Asia, Tech Crunch Tokyoなどの数々のメディアでも登壇経験のある、最も勢いのある東京のスタートアップで営業マネジャーとして一からサービスを作っていきませんか? チャットブックは、企業のHPや申込の改善を図るFacebookメッセンジャーのチャットボットを、中小〜大企業にSaasで提供しているスタートアップです Read More

What We're Building

ChatBook provides marketing automation solutions based on Messenger bots which enables to convey conversation into conversions. It helps organizations accelerate the lead generation, evaluation, management, completion and analysis among customers, sales and marketing teams.

We have raised funding from Salesforce Ventures, East Ventures, and Yahoo Japan Capital.

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Jobs at ChatBook

ChatBook Team

Maiko Kojima
Design and programming expert of apps. Launched 2 iPhone/ 2 Android apps, which reached over 5 million users.
Michal Stach
CTO at Menulingo, Full-Stack Dev, TSMC Engineer, NTHU M.Sc., CTU EE
shreya jadhav
Computer Science Student at Waseda University. Software Intern at Chatbook, Inc.
Yang Fei
Full Stack Developer at ChatBook
Yusuke Sekikawa
Experience with Project Leader, Project Management. Went to University of British Columbia, Seattle Central College

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