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What We're Building

ChartMogul helps subscription businesses measure, understand and grow their recurring revenue.

This could be a SaaS, monthly gift-box or media subscription – any company that has recurring revenue.

We provide single-click integrations into Stripe, Braintree, Recurly and Chargify. Data import can also be done via CSV uploads and data export via the ChartMogul Metrics API.

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Jobs at ChartMogul

ChartMogul Team

Nick Franklin
Founder @ChartMogul • Worked at @Zendesk
Jason Langenauer
Builder of teams and products; Extensive Rails experience; Golang, Javascript, React, PostgreSQL, Ansible, microservices. Good communicator; business minded.
Bill Franklin
Working at ChartMogul. University of Oxford student.
Allison Padget
Customer Success Engineer at ChartMogul
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ChartMogul Investors

Piotr Kulesza
Managing Partner at RTAventures
Christoph Janz
Internet entrepreneur turned micro VC, investor in @Zendesk, @Geckoboard, @Unamo, @FreeAgent, @Clio, @Unbounce, @Momox, @Mambu, @Algolia, @Typeform
Matthew Romaine
Co-Founder & CEO @Gengo; @Brown University & @Stanford University in CS & Music; ex-@Microsoft, @Sony; OnLab mentor; featured in & WSJ; J+E bilingual

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