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Modern Business Intelligence

We're building a full team. We're growing in all aspects of the business - we want to build great products, get the word out, see the success of sales and profits, and develop customer relationships. Read More
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What We're Building

Chartio’s vision is to make business intelligence as accessible and widely used in the enterprise as the common spreadsheet.

Chartio accomplishes this by making business intelligence tools available to organizations that have been poorly served by legacy BI vendors, simplifying setup and maintenance, streamlining storage decisions, and enabling business users to perform their own analyses of complex data.

Finally, Chartio enables Agile Business Intelligence. Rather than requiring a monolithic waterfall implementation of Planning, ETL, Governance, Data Warehousing, and Deployment, Chartio make it possible to start small and roll out business intelligence as your organization's needs increase

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Chartio Team

Dave Fowler
Founder @Chartio (YC s10) and previously SocialBrowse (YC w08). One of IBM's most patented interns ever. Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012 and 2013.
Chris Pahl
Works at Chartio. Experience in mid-market to enterprise sales, technical sales, and has experience training and managing.
Benjamin Burns
Software Engineer at Chartio.

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