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Product Designer at Chartbeat

New York City · Full Time
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Job Description

At Chartbeat, thoughtful, intuitive design is what makes us different, because an analytics product must be used to be impactful; that means we place big hopes on our designers, and we hope you’re up for the challenge.

Your day-to-day:
• Brainstorm with Product and Engineering to conceptualize new features
• Meet with customers to present design concepts and synthesize user feedback for iteration
• Pair with Front-end Engineers to ensure our designs are ready to ship to customers
• Utilize, and contribute to, our UX style guide to ensure interface consistency and scalability across our platform
• Attend design critiques and offer constructive feedback to the rest of the design team
• Help contribute to our design culture across the company

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What We're Building

In an important time for truth in journalism — and in a world where readers find content in distributed ways — Chartbeat enables media organizations to understand and harness genuine audience engagement. As the analytics partner for more than 50,000 leading media sites around the globe, Chartbeat tracks what people are reading on a second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel basis on each site, article and page. Our content intelligence tools and quality metrics go beyond clicks and pageviews so you can understand reader engagement — the amount of time users spend actually reading content. This helps you value your best stories and ensure they thrive across platforms and devices.

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Chartbeat Team

Billy Chasen
I like to create art. Some things you hang on the wall, others you log into.
Renee Solorzano
Director of Design at @Chartbeat Previously @Squarespace @General Assembly Strong background in UX/UI, and bringing brands to life through product. RISD grad
Leonardo Campos
10+ years of project management and analytical experience to drive data-driven operational and strategic business decisions and projects to completion.
Paul Kiernan
Cornell ECE major & CS minor; backend developer with data science tendencies; particle physics enthusiast; one mean chef
Ashley Frankino
Technology implementations at Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. BS from @Boston University.
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