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Convenient power where you need it

Have you ever wondered why, in 2017, we are still stuck carrying around spare cables, power adapters, and batteries to ensure we’re not left stranded at a crucial moment? Chargifi’s platform is revolutionizing how we consume power in public. By making convenient wireless power available to people where and when they need it, we allow them to stop worrying about their battery life and get back to what’s really important. We help distributors deploy under-table wireless charging units in public spaces--bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, stadiums, and others. We make those spots smart. Connecting them to the cloud enables distributors to deploy, manage, and monetise wireless power deployments at scale. Read More
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What We're Building

Chargifi brings people convenient power where and when they need it most. From coffee shops, to hotels, stadiums, airports, and enterprise office locations, ‘Chargifi Spots’ form an intelligent wireless charging network enabling a venue to gather customer information, push promotions, advertising, and other content in exchange for offering wireless charging to its guests. 

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Dan Bladen
Husband to @jessbladen and often found @stpaulschurch Founder - the wireless charging network
Charlie Cannell
trainee husband, father & son. my opinions on digital business, private equity, music, comedy and life with small children.
Thomas Gregorio
Head of Product, Chargifi Ltd. • Worked at @Lehman Brothers, @Kill Screen Media • Studied at @University of Richmond
Zaid Daba'een
A young driven software engineer who architects your systems using the latest technologies and untangles your messy problems, faster than anyone else.
Kaja Gjessing-Newman
Self-starter, Excellent Client Relationship Builder, Grew Company from 5 to 45 people, worked at 2 start-ups; Operations and Account Management Specialist
Maxime Ailloud
Software developer specialize in web technologies; PHP and Javascript enthousiast; Open Source enthousiast; user focused;
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Our Investors

Jenny Fielding
Investor and founder
Robyn Scott
Co-Founder & CEO, Apolitical. Author.
Brett Akker
Co-Founder and Chairman of LOVESPACE. Previously Co-Founder of Streetcar.

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