Chad Etsell

Founder of Urban.Ag. Also at Vibes Media, mobile marketing ProdMan, former sales exec. @UW Poly Sci, @Udacity CS

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What I Do

Mobile-first Product and Project Manager for Vibes Media, specializing in mobile wallet and Passbook integration, location-enabled projects and iBeacon, and mCommerce.

Startup launch and program management; former Sales expert; Managed teams from 4-40+ members. Some design and UX experience.


In first year on product development and technical account management teams, conceived, built, and deployed new content publishing UX, an internal notification tool, and am now drafting a major redesign and upgrade to core hyperlocal news product.
In sales, closing the largest deal yet for the company and then managing a team of 5 sales executives before 6 months at the company.

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