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What We're Building

Cayke builds products that make esports and gaming video easier to create, edit, and find.
Our main product, StreamRecap, automatically condenses long video game livestreams into short highlights that fans actually want to watch. (Nobody watches last week's 8 hour long livestream)

We do in seconds what used to take editors hours.
- When editing, livestreamers spend the majority of their time finding the best parts of the stream, leaving little time for effects and polish.
- Esports teams need StreamRecap to sort through the hundreds of hours of live content made by their players every week, as humans simply can't go through that much video.

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Cayke (StreamRecap) Team

Shuai Zhu
Founder @ Cayke, formerly at Huawei
Karan Wadhera
Founder @Cayke (StreamRecap) • Worked @Kickback (YC W15) and @Intel
John Kim
Software Engineer at Cayke (StreamRecap). UCLA Class of 2018, B.S. Computer Science.

Cayke (StreamRecap) Investors

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