QA Analyst at Catalytic

Chicago, Naperville · Full Time
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Job Description

As a QA Analyst, you will join a super-talented team that delivers world-class, cloud-based software. You will help to ensure that Catalytic is a high-quality product that works flawlessly with all our clients with as few bugs as possible.


Develop thorough test plans for new features.
Execute test plans before new code is pushed to production.
Identify, document and track bugs to resolution.
Help us continuously get better by suggesting enhancements to the product and improvements to our processes.

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Has QA experience. You're a bright, curious, detail-oriented individual that likes to break things and see how one can make it better. You enjoy hunting and squashing bugs and take pride in finding them before anyone else. 1-3 years QA testing SaaS applications. Experience with automated testing and APIs is a bonus.

Has worked with an Agile team. We're a small team of experienced, multidisciplinary product owners, designers, and developers in an ever-changing, fast moving environment. We follow a deeply collaborative 2-week sprint development cycle and have demo days once a week to share our individual and team progress with each other.

Is flexible. You aren't married to your ideas and you can shift gears easily when things change. You don't sweat the small stuff and are focused on the big picture. You should see feedback as an opportunity to learn, grow, and benefit the project as a whole.

Wants to make a difference. This isn't just another web app. You get to work on an ambitious platform designed to solve serious, long-standing business problems. We're building something that will revolutionize how businesses organize, and it takes everyone on our team to want the product to succeed

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What We're Building

Catalytic gives people the freedom to do more meaningful work by improving the efficiency, speed, and quality of recurring business processes. Our people-friendly automation platform augments your team with a smart workflow engine that orchestrates work, automates tasks with bots and AI, and connects business systems. Results are often dramatic and can be achieved in a few weeks.

Our enterprise services team will guide you by helping to build the initial automations and working with your team to establish a center of excellence. Our goal is to empower business users to automate their own day-to-day processes, maintaining control and the agility to quickly adapt to an ever changing environment.

We won the Moxie Award for Best New Startup 2017!
Sometimes a Post-It is still the best way to get things done. Here are some ways we describe ourselves.
Our awesome Lunch and Learns are already getting too packed. We've done case studies, service design, and Lego Robots!
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Catalytic Team

Sean Chou
CEO and Co-founder at @Catalytic. Helped start, build, sell @Fieldglass . SaaS pioneer. Occasional investor and advisor.
Ravi Singh
CTO and Co-founder @Catalytic. Love the intersection of mobile applications and optimizing the things we do daily.
Ben Blair
VPE @Catalytic. Former 2x Founder & CTO. Built options trading systems in a past life. 1st developer @PEAK6 Investments. Physics & CS @University of Chicago
Neil Bahadur
BD @Catalytic. Delivering cost savings, accuracy, and innovation to large-scale enterprises with cloud AI/automation bots for business operations.
Gabe Gorelick
Full-stack dev at Catalytic
April January
Director of Automation Solutions @Catalytic Improving processes and streamlining operations.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes Catalytic a unique place to work at?
Catalytic is a great balance of culture. We have the energy, passion, and mission of a startup. But we also have the experience, network, and leadership of an established company. In business software, you're often building solutions that the end users hate but have to use "because management". That's not us. We're building software that supercharges users and automates boring stuff so that they can get back to doing the stuff they love. We work hard because we believe in what we're doing. And we have fun without trying too hard (you know what I'm talking about)
Sean Chou
CEO at Catalytic since 2015
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We're currently at 20 people and we anticipate adding another 15 to 20 people by end of 2017.
Sean Chou
CEO at Catalytic since 2015
Whelp, that went fast. We're now at 42 people and planning to add another 5 to 8 people by end of 2017.
Sean Chou
CEO at Catalytic since 2015
What are some of the toughest engineering problems Catalytic is facing now?
We as an industry have a lot of experience building webapps. Whether that's engineering best practices, design principles, UX, or what have you. But when it comes to conversational interfaces it's the Wild Wild West, and we at Catalytic get to be Will Smith.
Gabe Gorelick
Software Engineer at Catalytic since 2016
Our biggest engineering challenges are building the conversational UI for Pushbot, building a platform to support thousands of third-party integrations and building a recommendation engine to suggest optimizations to customer processes. And of course the overall challenge is to solve all the not-hard engineering problems in a way that doesn't make these hard problems any harder.
Ben Blair
VP Engineering at Catalytic since 2015

Catalytic Investors

Bill Pescatello
Partner, @Lightbank Ventures; Founding member @Peacock Equity Fund (NBCUniversal); @Comcast Ventures
Ed Sim
Ed Sim ,
@boldstart ventures, Founder/Managing Partner. Enterprise seed investor for over 20 years, investments include Greenplum/Pivotal, GoToMeeting,
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