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Full-stack deep learning platform

We build machine learning platforms that generate and label data at a massive scale to change the way people think about unstructured visual data. We've leveraged our deep learning platform, Hive, to collaborate with partners to solve mission-critical and impactful problems in a variety of domains.

What We're Building

In 2013, we set out with an ambitious plan to build a unique full-stack deep learning company. Today, that has manifested in Hive, our platform for visual intelligence. Hive is composed of 3 distinct components: 1) Hive Data, 2) Hive Predict, and 3) Hive Enterprise.

Hive Data is the world's largest distributed workforce of human data labelers (>150,000 workers) and generates all the labeled datasets we use for our deep learning models.

Hive Predict is our custom model solution pipeline, where we help some of the biggest companies in the world solve critical problems using deep learning.

Hive Enterprise refers to our own suite of enterprise products that leverage our APIs. Our flagship enterprise product is Hive Media, where we are ingesting the world's linear TV footage and tagging every second with our core vision models.

Come join one of the fastest growing AI startups and help shape the future of AI. We're hiring for both technical and non-technical roles.

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Jobs at Castle Global

Castle Global Team

Kevin Guo
Co-founder, CEO @Castle Global • Worked at @Mithril Capital • Studied CS at @Stanford University
Dmitriy Karpman
Co-Founder and CTO @Castle Global . PhD Candidate in CS @Stanford University. Worked @Google.
Bowei Liu
MS in Mathematics from Stanford BS in Mathematics from Princeton Internship in Machine learning Coding experience, self-taught as needed
Linh Hoang
UI/UX designer with motion graphics, illustration, art, and animation background.
David Kloth
Educated in Economics, Corporate Strategy & Finance. Experienced with Social Media Marketing, Analytics & Biz Dev. Passionate about Leadership & Communication.
Martin Loncaric
Machine Learning Engineer seeking a high-impact role in San Francisco.
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Castle Global Investors

Vic Singh
Founding General Partner @EniacVentures. Founder and CEO @Kanvas.
Alan Chiu
Partner @XSeed Capital • 3 startups, 1 IPO, 1 acquisition • @Stanford Graduate School of Business alum • Engineering, Product, Business
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