Jobs at Castle

The easiest way to protect your users

Castle is a developer-first security API that allows companies to use machine learning to protect their users from stolen passwords. We want to become the standard in online identity by learning the unique behavior of billions of users. Read More

What We're Building

Castle is the easiest way to protect your users.

Castle understands user behavior across web, mobile and APIs. Depending on the risk associated with an individual device, we automatically trigger security notifications, challenges and account reset workflows. This lets end users self-mitigate while also improving Castle's risk models.

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Jobs at Castle

Castle Team

Sebastian Wallin
Co-founder and CTO at @Castle. Passionate about using software to solve important problems
Johan Brissmyr
CEO at @Castle. In love with tech and lack of time. M.S. in Computer Engineering @Lund University
Bryan Harris
Entrepid Partners. Help early-stage B2B tech startups grow by helping with go-to-market, building their early sales team, and coaching founders on sales.
Timo Engelhardt
Software Engineer at Castle
Filip Tepper
Software Engineer at Castle.
Adam Coquia
I am looking for important things to build.

Castle Investors

Net Jacobsson
Co-founder @SparkLabs Global Ventures . Co-founder SparkChain. Former Executive at @Facebook. Mountain Biker. Father of 5.
Mo ElBibany
Early-Stage VC @Rising Tide
Frank Meehan
Partner SparkLabs Global VC. SparkLabs Korea Accelerator. Co-Founder Formerly Board Director representing Horizons Ventures at Spotify, Siri, Summly
Kal Vepuri
Founder @Brainchild & Co. and @Brainchild Holdings
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