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Hiring in Amsterdam · 11-50 Employees · $2M Seed in 2014 ·
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* Work for a Company that is experiencing astounding growth
* Work with cool people (that’s what our moms say, anyway)
* Hip canal-office, right in the middle of Amsterdam
* A kitchen full of drinks and snacks

Full Time
€28K – €40K
0.0% – 0.5%

Casengo is customer support software from the Cloud, enabling web shops and small companies to better support their customers through sociale media, chat, and email.

Casengo is the 'Whatsapp' for customer service. Casengo delivers social customer support software (social media, live chat, email, mobile) in the Cloud. Today's customers don't want to be dictated by a company on how (email and telephone) and when (9am-5pm) to approach them. They want to engage 24-7-365 through their preferred mode of communication, whether that is through online chat, social media or traditional methods. Companies are finding themselves stuck between email services not fit for purpose, and enterprise customer support solutions that are too complex and expensive. Casengo provides simple, affordable and easy-to-use customer support software for the social enterprise. Revenue model is based on the Freemium concept.

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Casengo Jobs : Screenshot
Casengo Jobs : Screenshot
Casengo Jobs : Screenshot
Floris van der Veen
CEO & Founder at Livecom
Thijs van der Veen
Product Manager at @Casengo
Mark Schiefelbein
Growth hacker. Interim CTO. Tech due diligence. Pre-seed investor. Currently at Casengo, SyndicatePlus and Wakoopa. Food blogger at dutchgrub.


Herman Hintzen
Herman Hintzen
Herman Hintzen, Entrepreneur, VC @HenqInvest, @Seedcamp mentor and investor, 6 (step)kids, @Twietlyd, love to sail, fly gyroplanes, play the piano...
Investments,,,,,, Mendix, Libersy, Casengo, Monolith, Studytube, Studytube
Floris van der Veen
Floris van der Veen
CEO & Founder at Livecom
Casengo, Livecom
Ron van Valkengoed
Ron van Valkengoed

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