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eHarmony for home buying

We're changing the way people buy and sell homes. If you have a real passion for completely disrupting stodgy industries, join the team at Casamatic.

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What We're Building

The hardest part about buying a home? Finding the perfect one. And even when it's found, buyers only have a 50/50 chance of hearing back from a real estate agent on popular home search sites, and if they do, it can take more than 15 hours!

At Casamatic, we match you to the perfect home by learning about the people, activities, and styles that you love. It's curation of home listings--we only show you the best homes and why they're perfect for you. And once you've found that perfect home, we instantly connect you to an expert real estate agent to answer questions and walk through the home.

That’s why, for house hunters, the secret weapon is Casamatic.

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Alex Bowman
Co-Founder, @Casamatic (@The Brandery 2015). @Startup Weekend facilitator. Growth marketing, analytics, and coffee enthusiast. @Amazon, @BlackBerry alum.
John David Back
Engineer @Casamatic and peanut butter enthusiast.

Our Investors

Brian Pursley
Developer, Mentor, Advisor, and Angel Investor. Studied CS @Ball State University and @Hofstra University
Jason Cox
6x founder. Managing Partner, @Aedos Ventures family of companies. Seeking and advising on real estate technology startups.
Daniel Burke
Sales + Business Development + Business Analyst. Singapore Based.

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