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Data-driven general store for a world in transit

Ridesharing has changed transit for everyone, everywhere. With Cargo’s mobile marketplace, we're changing retail too. Cargo helps rideshare drivers earn more money by providing products to passengers on the go and will put top CPG brands in front of millions of people every day. Read More

What We're Building

Rideshare is changing transit for everyone, everywhere. Collectively, we’re spending more time in-car than ever before–– two billion hours in 2017! While rideshare booms, retail is busting. The rise of ecommerce has been the fall of brick and mortar retail. As fewer people purchase in-store, and rideshare, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles eventually obviate gas station retail, brands will be looking for more data-driven distribution channels, closer to the consumer.

Enter Cargo. Our mission is to upgrade the rider experience with affordable access to daily essentials and discovery goods, while helping drivers earn a more livable wage. Over the next five years, Cargo will become the go-to provider of in-car goods and services for the rideshare economy, and over the next fifteen years we will leverage our operations, technology, and constellation of rideshare and brand partner relationships to become the leading in-car service provider for the autonomous economy.

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Jobs at Cargo

Cargo Team

Jeff Cripe
Ecom guy using ride-share to disrupt retail. Founder Cargo • Worked at @Birchbox, @Christie's Auction House • Studied at @Yale University
Jasper Wheeler
Worked at (thebureau) 2yrs brought to market two full product lines. presently (Cofounder of CarGo) responsible for all design and mechanical aspects of CarGo.
Kenny Liao
@Cargo Head of Supply Growth & Ops. Past: @Chariot GM/Expansion, @Uber Territory Lead, @Shift AGM, @Zynga PM, @Yahoo & @BCG. Passion for consumer-facing tech.
Eric Aleman
Chief of Staff/General Manager at Cargo
Stuart Clark
Technical cofounder @Cargo. Formally @Birchbox.
Sabina Rahaman
Currently leading Brand Partnerships & Merchandising strategy at Cargo. Previously in Brand Management in FMCG and personal care.
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Cargo Investors

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