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CareGuide is one of Canada’s fastest growing startups. We make it easier for families and individuals to find care for their loved ones through a portfolio of specialized marketplaces, including, Nanny Lane,, and 26 others. Read More
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Job Description

CareGuide is hiring our first Chief Financial Officer.

CareGuide’s mission is to make it easier for families to find care for their loved ones. Our strategy is to serve all major care verticals with dedicated services, running on a common platform. Our portfolio includes,,,, and many more. We are one of Canada’s fastest growing startups.

Traction & Growth

We now have 4M+ visits/month across our portfolio. We got here by growing both organically and inorganically. In 2015, we acquired, the largest nanny-matching service in Canada, and tripled its revenue in 18 months. In 2016, we got into FinTech by launching a nanny payroll service called HeartPayroll that is now processing $4M/month. Recently, we launched a new service called Nanny Lane which helps families share nannies.

We raised $10M in our seed & Series A rounds. Our investor base, with over 70 names, is the most robust group ever assembled in Canada, and includes numerous notable angel investors and VC funds. You may recognize some names here:


We’re a tight-knit group of about 50 employees based in Toronto. Our regular team socials, bi-weekly cross-team meetups, and catered Friday lunches help with this, but the key ingredient is hiring people with empathy for families and caregivers, as well as for each other. We are ambitious too.

This culture underpins a high-trust, no-drama workplace, which allows us to do fun things like offer true unlimited vacation. Our team is constantly looking to improve and works hard to build each other up. We succeed and fail together.


CareGuide has 6 values:

Have a Heart. We are a family that strives to build the best customer experience.
Be Measurably Better. We evaluate our success through outcomes, not activities.
Win Bigger. We systematize, automate, and find ways to succeed at scale.
Into the Deep End. We take ownership for our learning, and grow through challenge.
Greater than our Parts. We know diverse people, ideas, and approaches create better outcomes.
Careers not Jobs. We aim to promote from within, and trust teammates to level up.

That last one is a big part of our promise to you and each other. We want your time at CareGuide to be the most successful in advancing your career.

What kind of CFO do we want?

We are looking for a nerd who can lead. (This is how we'd describe all of us on the management team–we each have a high level of mastery in our respective domains and can inspire others to be their best.)

All potential candidates should be able to confidently oversee all of our accounting, governance, legal, financial planning, board reporting, and operational needs. But beyond all this, we seek a financial storyteller who can make CareGuide’s bright future visible to others through spreadsheets. We have ambitions for more rounds of financing and more acquisitions to support our vision for the care industry.

Who Are We Looking For?

We will be happy to consider candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, but my guess is that candidates with titles like CFO, COO, VP Finance, or Director of Finance at other high-growth technology startups are most likely to be the best fit. A professional accounting designation would be great but not strictly mandatory: CFA, CPA, CA, CMA, CGA, MBA, etc.

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What We're Building

CareGuide runs focused marketplaces for everyday care services.

Our portfolio approach combines the advantages of vertically-focused companies with the network effects of serving multiple, highly-related markets concurrently.

Over the last few years, we've grown these marketplaces simultaneously across the US & Canada to a point of significant volume in all major and most minor cities.

Users buy subscriptions (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) for featured placement in the directory, and for unlimited communication with other users.

We have 30 full time employees and were profitable nearly every month in 2014. In 2015, we acquired the largest nanny marketplace in Canada, We launched in 2016, helping families manage their caregiver payroll services.

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