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Rarely does a week go by without another cyber security attack hitting mainstream news.  What the news isn’t busy reporting on are all the good guys building solutions to keep malicious hackers at bay, like our team at Carbon Black.   Head to our careers page for more details, videos, pictures - and get to know the "real" us:

What We're Building

The Cb Endpoint Security Platform is the most complete endpoint security solution helping organizations of all sizes replace ineffective antivirus, lock down critical systems, and arm incident response teams with the most advanced tools to proactively hunt down threats.

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Michael Viscuso
Founder of Kyrus and Carbon Black. Background in cyber security, both product and services. Passionate bringing new ideas to market.
John T. Langton
Technical Director @bit9 • Founder @VisiTrend • Worked at @Charles River Analytics • Studied at @Brandeis University
Scott Gaines
Executive Sales in high growth areas: Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Security Software & Application Delivery. Also, Entrepreneur in Mobile App Development.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We plan on hiring about 200 people in the next year.
Allison Wilhelm
Sourcer at Carbon Black since 2014
What is your office environment like?
Our headquarters in Waltham, MA is an open-plan office with a casual, startup vibe. Our office features a variety of collaborative spaces, as well as a game room and a café overlooking the beautiful reservoir. Each individual workspace is an adjustable standing desk with at least one monitor (many people have 2, some even 3!) and is flanked by privacy panels that double as whiteboards. The Sales Department and Product Solutions Organization are especially dynamic areas of the office, and engineers have a tendency to start the occasional Nerf battle! Our hours are flexible, most people come in between 8 and 9:30, and usually start to trickle out around 5 most days. While the office is located in the suburbs, you’ll find the building well equipped with an onsite gym, café, and Starbucks just steps away from your workspace. The parking is free and the snacks are plentiful. It’s a great place to work!
Allison Wilhelm
Sourcer at Carbon Black since 2014
What are some of the toughest engineering problems Bit9 + Carbon Black is facing now?
On the security front, we’re taking on the challenges associated with classifying and identifying malware and exploits, building out better protections against system compromises, and building robust threat intel. Our products record and track endpoint system activity, so we’re working with large data sets that require “big data” analytics and cloud based services.
Allison Wilhelm
Sourcer at Carbon Black since 2014
Do you have any internships to offer this summer?
Hi Sandeep, we do typically hire summer interns, but we have filled our internship slots for this summer and the interns have already begun their program, so we will not be adding any more interns this summer. We will likely be hiring interns for next summer in early spring.
Allison Wilhelm
Sourcer at Carbon Black since 2014

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