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Canvass Analytics

Account Manager at Canvass Analytics

Toronto · Full Time
Canvass Analytics is transforming how Industrial companies make better use of their data using artificial intelligence. Read More
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Job Description

At Canvass Analytics, we are building predictive analytics solutions that help solve some of the most interesting problems in the Industrial Internet of Things. If the thought of introducing an Industrial-focused advanced analytics platform to large, innovative Industrial companies is exciting to, let’s talk. Your role will require you to uncover and identify prospects’ business needs and goals in order to determine how they can best make use of our platform, and ultimately negotiate the terms of a successful partnership.

Candidates will possess the following key attributes:

- Experience in selling into enterprise and Industrial markets
- A closer; someone with a proven track record of closing deals
- Proven analytical understanding: high-level understanding of analytics and machine learning technology and can clearly explain, in laymen’s terms, how to use and interpret data to drive efficiencies.
- Works well under pressure and is independently motivated
- Experience in start-up, high-growth companies and/or clearly articulated passion for entrepreneurial environments.

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What We're Building

Canvass delivers AI-powered predictive analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things. The Canvass platform distills millions of operational data points into actionable insights that empower Industrial companies to optimize their production processes, maintenance and energy management programs in order to increase yield, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the Canvass platform automates the entire data analysis process – from data collection, model creation, predictions and model retraining. As a result, operational teams get the most accurate prediction that helps them anticipate process inefficiencies, predict equipment failures, and foresee energy usage in real-time.

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